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Chronic fatigue: what are the potential causes?

Problems concentrating, feeling exhausted, unexplained muscle pains … Here we focus on four causes of chronic fatigue!
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Repeated sleep problems

In many cases, persistent fatigue may be caused by disruption to the circadian rhythm. Also referred to as the biological clock, this controls the body’s sleep/wake cycle. Any disturbance to it can result in an uncontrollable desire to sleep at any time. Such disruption of the biological clock may occur after a series of late nights, waking up unintentionally, over-exposure to blue light, jet lag, night shift work … Some disorders, such as sleep apnoea, can also upset the circadian rhythm and cause extreme fatigue.

What’s the solution? There are many ways in which a normal circadian rhythm can be maintained or restored. In particular, specialists recommend going to bed and waking up at a fixed time. To promote drowsiness and improve sleep quality, plants with relaxing properties can prove invaluable. Some of these, including valerian and rhodiola, feature in the composition of supplements such as Natural Sleep Formula.

Poor dietary habits

Chronic fatigue syndrome may sometimes be connected to our dietary habits. When we eat a high-calorie meal, the body has to mobilise a considerable amount of energy to manage the excess. Conversely, when we eat too few calories, our nutrient intake may prove insufficient to recharge the body’s batteries. Either scenario can lead to feelings of sleepiness which impair our abilities.

What’s the solution? It’s important to keep an eye on nutrient intake in order to prevent or combat chronic fatigue. We need to eat a healthy, balanced diet that meets the body’s needs. In preventing deficiency in essential nutrients, multivitamin formulations such as Daily 6® can be very useful. This product provides a number of nutrients including vitamin C and magnesium which are known for their effects on energy levels.

Everyday stress

Chronic fatigue syndrome may also be one of the consequences of stress. Considered by some scientists to be the evil of the 21st century, stress is omnipresent in modern societies and affects all of us. Whether at work or at home, stressful situations can impair how our bodies function. Over the long term, stress can cause burnout, manifesting in exhaustion, mood swings, anxiety attacks and depression …

What’s the solution? There are a number of potential answers to dealing with everyday stress. Allowing yourself some time out, away from noise, tension and worry, can be really beneficial. Several natural anti-stress products are available to help pre-empt stress, or manage it better, including the new supplement PharmaGABA®. This is a natural and bioavailable form of GABA, a neurotransmitter with tranquillising and stress-busting effects.

A weak immune system

Feeling completely exhausted can also be the result of weakened immune defenses. Responsible for protecting the body from external attack, the immune system can sometimes falter and become ineffective. Amongst others, this can be caused by certain diseases, the accumulation of toxins in the body, and nutritional deficiencies …

What’s the solution? Preventing chronic fatigue syndrome means taking good care of your immune system. Ensuring it functions properly requires certain nutrients including vitamin D and zinc. It’s also possible to boost the immune defenses with natural immune-stimulants such as arabinogalactan, an active principle extracted from larch.



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